Harley Davidson


Harley-Davidson is probably the most famous motorcycle manufacturer in the world and is based in the United States, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Even tough they consider 1903 as their starting year, they could just as well consider 1901, because it was then when Bill Harley completed the first blueprint of a Harley engine.


In 1909, Harley-Davidson introduces its first V-twin bike with an 1000cc engine which developed 7 horsepower and three years later the Bar & Shield logo is used for the first time and patented as a trademark.

Home hobby Fat Ass Garage doing work on Harley Davidson Motorbikes, this is a passion for me and have high interest to work on this bikes.


I started up in 2010 where I throw out my old opel corsa from my garage and turned it into a workshop for bikes, filled it up with tools and parts and of course some bikes.


The process of importing a Harley Davidson and build it up to be approved of the Vehicle Registration, with all the necessary documents is an long and demanding process.

I think many have got into seriously problems and high cost of not knowing how to do this.


Every bike, i have never worked less then 100 hours on total, many people think they just can buy from US and get license plates but its not like so, every part has a part number and have to be approved to specific that bike and model at the Harley Davidson dealer here in Norway.

To get an COC (Certificate of Conformity) with HDI documents is not something Harley Davidson here in Norway willingly is making for you.


When you have all the documents and the Title i take it to the authorities (biltilsynet) for an check and get license plates.

Of course when its approved with license plates i build it on and make it more cool, trim the engine (stage 1) and put on some bling before i ride an while and sell it.

Harley-Davidson is probably the most famous motorcycle manufacturer in the world.